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When it comes to scholarships and grants – Do you know how much a college education is these days?

Can you get financing?!

It is very true that a college education is very, very expensive! Parents are gasping when they look at the costs associated with paying for tuition, books, housing and other fees. This is true for state and community colleges.

There are a host of fees which comprise the cost of a college education and the cost of tuition is a small part of the big picture of going to college. Other expenditures includes food, housing, pocket money, and other ancillary fees which may seem minor but they add up quite quickly.

Most families apply for financial aid. College scholarships and grants are also available as financial assistance.

There are numerous resources to assist students with paying for a college education.
When applying to colleges, you should also set time aside to research the available funding options. There are loans, scholarships and grants available, all of which will make the finance portion of college a little easier, however, the all vary in different ways.

Scholarships and grants programs do not have to be paid back. Typically, there are two kinds: (1) a need for financial assistance, which is given due to the current financial burdens of the family (2) merit, if the student has potential for a scholarship in sports or music or art. Academic ability is also considered under the merit-base college grant and scholarship.

Most college scholarships and grants programs combine merit and other criteria to assist with the whole financial aid process, making this the most sought after form of financial aid by families.
However, the number of college scholarships and grants are decreasing annually due to the growing number of students who apply to colleges year after year.

There are a number of federal and state scholarship programs. Such as:

Scholarships and Grants – Pell Grant

This program is funded nationwide and its purpose is to offer assistance to qualified undergraduates who would like to attend college. Consequently, scholarships and grants of this kind are given to those who have not finished an undergraduate degree.

The total amount of the grant varies from year to year and depends largely on the student’s financial need, including any expenses incurred while attending the chosen university or college, as well as the amount of funds available.

These grants provide an opportunity for students to obtain financial aid from the national government.

Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant or the FSEOG.
This is a program for undergraduate students who have desperate financial needs. However, this aid is not easy to obtain. This will largely depend up the student and the availability of finances of the particular school.

Another type of financial aid that students can turn to is a loan. However, this type of financial assistance needs to be paid back. The needs of the family should be taken into account in an effort to avoid paying high interest rates.

It is also imperative that you understand all the terms of lending agencies such as the repayment schedule, interest rates, before you sign any document on scholarships and grants.

scholarships and grants
In addition to government and corporate scholarships and grants programs, there are numerous private organizations that are getting in on the ‘good will’.
Many of these scholarships and grants providers promote their programs on the internet and have been giving away thousands of dollars every month to eligible students who have taken a few minutes to apply.

With that being said, students seeking scholarships and grants information or aid, need to do their due diligence in ensuring that the programs they’re applying for are legitimate and have no clause for paying back the money, or paying something upfront, in the form of a membership or registration fee.

Scholarships and grants post depression

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