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Scholarships for African American Women

scholarships for African American women

Elsewhere on this blog I wrote about my childhood memories of walking 5miles each direction to school with my fellow village friends.
Whilst everything turned out ok for me, I still have sleepless nights just thinking about how things could have been different for the girls I used to attend class with, had they had similar opportunities such as scholarships for African American women.

In the third World, boys receive first preference for education, and girls, no matter how good the intention, end up being married off. As cruel as this may sound, this practice is steeped in thousands of years of tradition, and not likely to end soon.

Sure, times have changed, and most traditions are changing, but that’s in urban areas, whilst the rural areas move on as if time has not changed an inch.

Now, in an increasingly competitive job market such as we have here in the US, many young women must attain college degrees alongside their male counterparts if they’re to embark upon fulfilling, and naturally well paying careers.

However, not many deserving women of color, of any age, know of programs such as scholarships for African American women, that will advance their cause and empower them to excel in their chosen profession!

scholarships for African American womenWith Congress however championing the cause for more young women to empower themselves through Government funded programs or the private sector offering their own brand of scholarship grant, more of these scholarships for African American are becoming well known, beyond the Hope Scholarships, United Negro College Fund Scholarships and Ron Brown Scholarships, to name a few.

Scholarships for African American Women – what you need to know.

Inevitably, Congress’s initiative to empower women of color has been clouded by third party independent companies making “too much noise” if you will, by advertising non-accredited courses on scholarships for African American women where, after “graduating”, these recipients find themselves in no better position than when they started.

As the saying goes, once bitten, twice shy, so many deserving African American women who could have benefited from scholarships for African American women programs end up ignoring legitimate sponsorships because experience has shown that there was something missing, or a lot of money was expended in getting a diploma from a non accredited College etc!

One thing is for sure, the internet is here to stay, and it’s a wonderful and very fast medium to advertise scholarships for African American women as well as scholarships and grants targeting specific target markets.

The only reason scholarship programs are classified in this manner, i.e- race, has nothing to do with race itself or to discriminate, there are numerous scholarships for African American women opportunities in Corporate America, the only problem with such programs is, you never know what you’re getting yourself into, or what your obligations are in relationship to the scholarship you may be applying for!

For instance, there are targeting single mothers, whilst there are some targeting those in the military, or stay at home Dads… this way, future scholarship programs from legitimate sources will be structured to better serve those more in need, in order to create a well balanced and equal workplace.

So, before taking issue with scholarship programs that have “African American” or “Hispanic” in them, please note the only reason scholarship programs seem to be marketed this way, is strictly for statistical purposes only – it’s a way to gauge how each scholarship sponsorship is being used by the target market, nothing more.

Scholarships for African American women – the way forward

scholarships for african american womenThe best part about legitimate scholarships for African American women is, there have no age barrier, after all, it’s never too late to learn and, as we all know, education is fundamental!

The economy is hurting right now, meaning it’s become more competitive on the market to find a job.

So, if you’re in the market looking for minority scholarships for African American women, a good childhood friend of mine who made it to the US through the Sustainable Development Scholarship, tells me she’s in full support of the program whose banner is on the left of this post.

According to her, she has come across more women of color using this particular program than the leading programs targeting African American women, and that’s because these guys have a good no strings attached reputation and the barrier to entry is one of the most desirable scholarships for African American women!

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