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Get my high school diploma – My Story

Coming from Africa, and now living in the United States, I look at my 2 children, squabbling and fighting over the Nintendo DS or the Casio Keyboard, and wonder whether they’ll ever understand my story of overcoming adversity, walking 5 miles barefoot each way to school just to get my high school diploma!

Strangely enough, the best part of my childhood life, was always that 5 mile dusty stretch to school! There were always a lot of kids from the village to walk with, all sharing a common goal and a singular belief; that education was the only key to a better life and a way to support our parents and make them proud!

As we would walk on this stretch of gravel road, singing church songs whilst piggybacking younger kids who were not strong enough to walk the entire stretch, we would visualize what we wanted to be, and it always went something like; “Once I get my high school diploma, I want to be….”
Funny thing is, most of our aspirations were usually what our parents wanted us to be, this being either a Doctor or a Lawyer!

Whilst I turned out to be neither of the above, I still made it through Primary, then secondary school (or High school to you), to finally get my high school diploma!

Those were the days!

As beautiful as my life may have turned out to be, I still worry about the future for my kids. Times have changed, we’re now no longer just a first World economy, we’re a Global economy and competing at that level.

As in all Global economies, jobs can and will be shipped to overseas markets where labor is dirt cheap, never to return to the US again, – ever!

If it’s not jobs being outsourced overseas, then it’s the influx of highly educated and specially trained personnel from places such as India, China and yep, even Africa, to come and take on specialist jobs that the local manpower does not have the skills-set to execute!

Trust me, I should know for, when I decided to get my high school diploma, I became one such recipient!

So, if my childhood memory of how I went to get my high school diploma does not spur you to graduate from high school so you can move onto more enterprising and enjoyable pursuits, then perhaps the thought of never getting a job that pays above minimum wage, or losing the one you have to someone not yet born, should!

I overcame adversity to get my high school diploma from an accredited college, and this is because of the way economies are in most third World countries!
So there’s really no excuse for you not to find a credible institution that will provide you with the means to achieve your goals and make your dreams come true.

There are a couple of highly accredited Institutions that come to mind where you can get your high school diploma with minimal fuss and, the best part is, they offer grants too!

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Getting a high school diploma can be a huge source of pride for anyone interested in furthering their education. It is the first step, and from there onwards, only your imagination can stop you.

Children too, are motivated more when they see their parents practicing what what they preach – about homework and getting a better education which then leads – to a better life!
I know what I would do if I were in a dead-beat job that did not pay me what my true worth was, I’d search for a credible institution to get my high school diploma! Hope you do too.

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